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PIPER CHEYENNE II    - Capacity: 6 passengers + 2 pilots.    - Medical flights: 3 seats plus 1 stretcherd.      + More info    - Cruising speed 425 km per hour.
FALCON 200    - Reactor Jet of two engines.    - Capacity: 9 passengers + 2 pilots and flight attendant (optional).    - Cruising speed: 815 km per hour.
FALCON - 100    - Reactor Jet of two engines.    - Capacity: 6 passengers plus 2 pilots and flight attendant (optional).    - Medical flights with 1 or 2 patients, medical + 2 pilots.         - Cruising speed 815,37 Km per hour.
El EC-135    - Latest generation twin- engine helicopter that carries most modern technological advances.    - Capacity: 6 passengers + pilot    - Maximum speed: 287 km. per hour    - Cruising Speed Sea Level: 262 km. per hour
Why not add a little thrill and diversify the extreme portion of a beach holiday? Recently, in Andalucia, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Malaga. Nerja, Ronda on the Costa Del Sol (Costa Del Sol) it started to develop a new tourism destination - helicopter tours. Spanish Andalusia offers to visitors to take helicopter tours and enjoy its spectacular scenery from the bird's flight. A series of excursions is addressed to tourists who want to try something new and exclusive. However, for someone helicopter journey does not apply to the category of something extreme, and become just a pleasant and unusual time. But for people with a fear of heights the flight can become a real challenge to overcome himself and his fear. In any case, the emotion with the plus sign is guaranteed!  Each route is designed to remain in your memory as many impressions and unforgettable moments. The main purpose of pilots is to present a unique experience unusual air travel, which they will remember for life. Helicopter travel is not as expensive as you think!  Charter flights.  CarHireDeluxe Solutions organizes the charter flights on helicopters and modern jet aircraft Falcon, Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), Cessna Citation, and others. Specifications of used aircraft and pilots’ skills allow you to fly all over the world. We  work through all the key points of your journey, and offer the best options for the time of departure and arrival,  arrange for overnight parking for the the aircraft and  lodging for the night for crew. In addition, we provide an expert advice on the organization of exclusive travel, order food for foodies, organise a limousine, helicopter transfers, boat, hotel, luxury accommodation etc.  No doubt that you will experience all the benefits of flying on a business jet! It will be a journey with service of the highest level, without waiting, in full confidentiality, the ability to change the route at any time of your choice, and the availability of telephone and internet on board.  The service includes: - Booking flight with a minimum term of preparation for flight; - complete route and schedule coordination with the movement of the customer; - the adaptive selection of the type of business jet, on-board service and food - a variety of logistics support; - the necessary support for logistics, limousine, helicopter transfers, yachts, hotels, etc.; - advice on the possible types of recreation, social activities, etc.;
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