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Short term rent of a car. The rent allows you to take a car immediately in case of necessity. The absence of depreciation expenses. The customers using rental services do not need to service and repair a car, go for regular inspections. These types of activities will take experts of ‘’Car Hire Deluxe Solutions’’. An economy class car which you rent can be used for travel, trips, pick up relatives from the airport and other daily journeys. A luxury car is suitable for holiday escort, business and other trips that require extra comfort and present ability. The rent of our cars allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of driving economy, business and luxury cars without purchasing them. Because of the ‘’Car Hire Deluxe Solutions’’ services you can do a test-drive of that kind of a car which you plan to buy.  The rent of car in our company demands a minimum number of documents: – passport; – international driving license; – a credit card. Renting cars economy or middle class on your weekend or weekdays, you can take advantage of our special rates. The conditions of them are more favorable than the daily renting. As longer the renting time, as lower the payment for one day. The long term renting. The long-term renting is a great business opportunity for people who need a car for a long time The long-term renting in CarHireDeluxe Solutions - this is a good investment of your money. It excludes unnecessary paperwork, the cost of maintaining and car service. If you do not have a personal car here - that's not a reason to be without "wheels" even for a short period. If you, for whatever reason, cannot afford the car of your dreams and do not want to take on the debt, then pay attention to the renting. The best value for money is a long term car rent. It is suitable to individuals and companies and allows you to select the model and equipment of the vehicle at any level of comfort and use it quite a long time (six-month  and more),  do not take care of the technical condition of the car and all kinds of formalities, to exclude the maintenance of the car and the cost of servicing from  company's balance. The cost of the long-term renting  is much lower compared with hourly rental service, therefore, it is available to a wider range of consumers. Renting a car with a chauffeur. Often there are times when you have an urgent need to use the car, but you can not to drive yourself. The reasons to rent a car with a driver can be very different - you do not have a driver's license, you have arrived on a business trip to Spain - Andalucia - Malaga airport, Marbella, Nerja or Ronda - from another city, and you will in a short time to make a few business meetings - you need to meet guests at the airport or at the railway station, but you can do it yourself (transfer), you're going to order a wedding accompaniment, you have a holiday with a feast, after which, you with your guests want to make a car trip along the coast of Malaga or Marbella ar Nerja. In fact there are much more situations where a person needs to rent a car with a driver. That is why this service is so demanded.  CarHireDeluxe Solutions try to make our services to the highest quality and variety with the available cost to each client. We provide for our clients a wide range of cars and vans luxury class in perfect condition.  Each car in our fleet is inspected regularly.  They equipped with all the necessary equipment in order to the passengers feel comfortable and safely. We employ only experienced and well-tried drivers with a great driving experience and excellent knowledge’s of the city and its suburbs. In addition to professional, we value in our drivers such qualities as stress resistance, erudition and goodwill. At the moment, hundreds of our customers were able to make sure that the rent of car with a driver in our company it's the right decision. Each trip on such cars is fast and safe. The customers communicate with our drivers leave the most pleasant impression. Car hire for wedding. A car hire for wedding is a unique opportunity to create a motorcade of your dreams. Choose the perfect design and comfort level of the car. Car hire for wedding in CarHire SL is a convenient scheme of service order, impeccable punctuality of auto arriving, excellent service and reasonable prices. Some people pass by without alerting others. Others make the citizens smile and turn around. Do you want that your wedding accompaniment will be noticed? Following  beautiful cars make the invisible waves of happiness, tenderness and delight rolling up. If you want to make your celebration special and create a commotion on the streets each car for the wedding must be carefully chosen. Today, to convert a wedding in a dream holiday, does not necessarily need to have fleet of luxury cars, as car rental for wedding is one of the most popular services of modern rental companies. CarHireDeluxe Solution will help you to create a perfect wedding procession. Here you can choose a luxury car for the bride and groom and their escort of cars of different comfort levels. Pay attention to  the Mazerati, Bentley or Range Rover. You can choose also a Ferrari, Lamborghini. Car renting for a wedding in the company CarHireDeluxe Solution will allow you to relax and forget about unnecessary problems and plunge in the first celebration of your new family. Our experts will orient you, based on your preferences on price and colour, prompt to you the optimal combination of models. Car hire for wedding finalizes additional hassle associated with the preparation of the cortege: - Searching drivers; - Checking the technical condition of the cars; - Washing and cleaning, selection of decorations: our arsenal has rings, ribbons, flowers, dolls etc. If you need a car for a wedding we recommend to determine the important nuances of your order: - the number of cars and brands; - location, date and time of arriving; - route; - duration of rent (minimum time for a wedding car hire is 4 hours + 1 hour arriving). Car hire for your wedding in the company CarHireDeluxe Solutions - it’s always nice, safe and inexpensive! Trust the professionals and the day of your wedding procession will make smile and admiration, made an impression on you, your guests and passers-by! Janis Hooliv and CarHireDeluxe Solution wish for future newlyweds long and fulfilled life!
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